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Florida Singles Begin to Pursue Love through Matchmaker

In the city of Singapore, the Singapore Social Development Unit (SDU), run by the city-state’s government, offers a combination of professional counseling and dating system technology. This service is available to every citizen. Therefore, the ancient role of the matchmaker in Singapore has not only continued, but has actually increased to becoming institutionalized, since every

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Dating is the First Step to Meeting Someone New

Dating is the first step to meeting and cultivating a relationship with someone.  .  Successful dating is not necessarily the date that leads you to the altar; it is lunch, dinner or an evening event that leads you to a fun and interesting time with someone new

NICHE is the New Goal in Dating Strategies

“Niche” dating is the new strategy for singles that are looking to meet new contacts or looking for marriage.  By “niche” we mean specific requirements for all concerned.  So if your dating  style is getting stale, think of your “niche” interests and use them as a strategy for meeting the right partner.

Dating System

The social acceptance of dating systems  have made online dating a norm rather than the unusual occurrence that it once was considered to be.  Matchmakers are enjoying a social resurgence in their roles as providers of a personal filtering system for meeting the right person without wasting time and efforts… With the ever-expanding source of

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Singles seek New Ways to Manage too many Dating Possibilities

In the past, young people had little chance of meeting others beyond their immediate neighborhood and circle of family acquaintances.  Therefore, matchmakers served the important function of introducing people who would not otherwise have met. However, technological advances in the use of computers have popularized online dating, only for people to find out the “Internet

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