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Nobody likes to be criticized. Nevertheless, it is a fact of life that no one is perfect and everyone could use coaching in some arenas – gentlemen and ladies alike. So here are some guidelines for men by way of a poll taken of women (ages 28-40) who date a minimum of five times a

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Is It Hard To Meet The Right People? by Elisabeth Dabbelt

Committed love relationships are the most powerful and prized of all human experiences and have the potential for the deepest personal and social healing. They are also the most complex of human relationships. The process of joining two people in a relationship which is intended to last a lifetime can involve great effort. Unfortunately, too

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Tips for what to wear out on a date by Elisabeth Dabbelt

You meet someone new!  He’s asked you out and now you are asking  yourself  “What should I wear?”  You want to look sexy but not out of place — and that’s a fine line. To look sultry without looking cheap, follow these Tips for what to wear out on a date. Do wear… A one-shoulder

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Dating Relationship Social Views

Most people reflect too much  on the level of importance we place on certain issues when deciding to date someone and eventually choose a partner. Specifically, when do these differences reach the point or become deal breakers in a relationship? Physical preferences on age, weight, height, etc., seem to be, all to often, the center

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Single Parent Dating

When we’re busy taking care of others, one of the very first things we neglect is taking care of ourselves. For many single moms and dads, this can lead to single parent burnout. To avoid this, take some time today to do something just for you. It doesn’t have to require a babysitter, and it

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