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How to Take a Relationship Slowly and Why It’s a Good Thing!

If you’re planning on hiring a matchmaking service and want to start going out on dates, here are a few tips on how to take a relationship slow—and why you should:

Don’t Rush into a Commitment

Enjoy your time together. Don’t try to force yourselves into using labels for what you have or for what you are to each other. If you’re simply going out on dates, still getting to know each other and just enjoying yourselves together, then just go with the flow. There’s no need to rush. You’ve got time.

Don’t Jump into a Sexual Relationship

A lot of women take a sexual relationship as a sign of commitment but men don’t necessarily share those views, says Psychology Today. If you don’t want to blur the lines, don’t dive into a sexual relationship just yet. Wait till you’re both clear on what you want from the relationship and from each other.

Don’t Move in Just yet

Moving in together after knowing each other for days or a week or two is a bit too fast. Are you ready for that sort of commitment? Be honest with yourself. If you aren’t, say so. You’ll have more problems down the road if you just say yes only to feel like your partner is violating your space. That way, when you’re finally ready to move in together, the gesture will be so much more meaningful to you both instead of feeling like you’re being forced into the situation.

Examine Your Motivations

Why are you dating in the first place? Be honest with your matchmaker and with yourself. If you’re in it for fun and games, then be upfront about it. Don’t tell your dates one thing when you feel differently. This way, you aren’t leading anyone on. That’s going to mean less complications and drama for you. The same thought applies if you’re ready to settle down. Don’t say you’re there for fun when you’re really looking for a long-term relationship. Being honest about your dating goals will ensure you find dating partners who are a good match for you.

Why it’s a Good Thing

Rushing into a relationship is fraught with a lot of risks. By slowing down, you take the time to get to know each other and find out if you actually like each other or not beyond the infatuation. A strong foundation of common ground and values as well as genuine respect and common dating goals will go a long way to give you both a shot at happily ever after.

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