Dating Tips FOR MEN – CONVERSATIONAL SUBJECTS FOR A FIRST DATE by Elisabeth Dabbelt – Florida Matchmaker and CEO of Elite Introductions Orlando Fl
Dating advice for men
Getting more personal:
Here are subjects that can be brought up that are personal without making your date uncomfortable.
1. Ask how many siblings she has, or if her parents are still living or live in the area. Knowing where she is in her primary family will give you some insight into her personality.
2. Does she have a pet? Support animal rights?
3. Does she have a favorite charity or cause? Watch out for politics (see below).
4. What is her fondest dream?
Then there are the thought provoking questions, such as:
1. Who are her heroes in history? Who are her heroes now?
2. If she could pick anyone from history, who would she invite on a cruise?


Nobody likes to be criticized. Nevertheless, it is a fact of life that no one is perfect and everyone could use coaching in some arenas – gentlemen and ladies alike. So here are some guidelines for men by way of a poll taken of women (ages 28-40) who date a minimum of five times a month. Understand that the way you behave on a date matters to potential mates of quality. In other words – here’s how to get a second date.

Question: You are out on a first date with someone. You see your date entering the dining room where you have agreed to meet. What is the first thing you should do?
A. Take a gulp of wine and get ready for introductions
B. Let the restaurant host or hostess seat your date and take your drink orders
C. Stand up and greet your date by name, if she offers her hand, shake it and see to it that, if you do not seat her yourself, a restaurant staff member does this. Then sit down.

The answer is “C”. Stand up and greet your date.

The etiquette behind this is ancient and insures that the man is a gentleman who will take charge if any violence breaks out in the castle or village. Okay, so there are not castles or villages at the restaurant where you’re having dinner with your date, but the effect is still the same. It says that you will protect and respect her.

Whether this dating friendship lasts a lifetime or you just become friends, this practice will stand you in good stead. The woman of quality will always remember that you stood up for her the first time you had a date.

If your date excuses herself to “powder her nose,” should you stand up again?
Yes. Then stand up again when she returns unless she indicates that it is okay not to do so. Understanding the profound effect that this one gesture can have on your life, you would be well-advised to take a look at it.

Oh, and by the way, the stand up rule applies to other people as well. The stand up etiquette also applies if the person meeting you is your elder or a woman other than your wife, girlfriend, or date. In the workplace this gesture is vitally important. It conveys the fact that you understand social decorum, and respect the position and status of others.

The dating scene is sometimes confusing and difficult to navigate. This first act of gentility will make up for other, unintentional social blunders that may arise during the course of the evening.

Remember that good manners are contagious, so spread them around. The world could use more truly thoughtful gentlemen. Standing up for your lady may seem awkward at first, but with practice and confidence, you will soon be the man your friends envy for successful dating.

Is It Hard To Meet The Right People? by Elisabeth Dabbelt

Committed love relationships are the most powerful and prized of all human experiences and have the potential for the deepest personal and social healing.

They are also the most complex of human relationships.

The process of joining two people in a relationship which is intended to last a lifetime can involve great effort. Unfortunately, too often, couples are not equipped to deal with the challenges they may face.

Written by Elisabeth Dabbelt, Relationship Coach and Orlando Professional Matchmaker

Tips for what to wear out on a date by Elisabeth Dabbelt

You meet someone new!  He’s asked you out and now you are asking  yourself  “What should I wear?”  You want to look sexy but not out of place — and that’s a fine line. To look sultry without looking cheap, follow these

Tips for what to wear out on a date.

Do wear…
A one-shoulder top

Many men think a bare neck and shoulders is even hotter than showing a  lot of leg. One-shoulder dresses and tops are always in style and offer  that subtle sexiness that men desire.

A great pair of heels
Women love high heels, and men do too. Just make sure that they aren’t  so high that you can’t walk comfortably in them.  Open-toe pumps with fresh pedicure feet’s and nails or  sandals are sultry and sexy.

Every woman should have one perfect little black cocktail dress. Look for  a dress that hugs your body shape without being too clingy or tight. A  dress that falls a few inches above the knee is perfect because it can be worn just about anywhere.

pumps or strappy evening sandals are sultry and sexy.
A sexy Hair Do and manicured Nails

Though long hair or curly hair are certainly sexy, nothing beats an up do for a special date. Select a slightly messy  style that says, “I look great without any efforts.”

Manicured hands and nails are as much important.
Don’t wear…A super short skirt

By Elisabeth Dabbelt Orlando Florida Professional Matchmaker

Dating Relationship Social Views

Most people reflect too much  on the level of importance we place on certain issues when deciding to date someone and eventually choose a partner. Specifically, when do these differences reach the point or become deal breakers in a relationship?

Physical preferences on age, weight, height, etc., seem to be, all to often, the center of attention when deciding to date someone.