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4 Steps Toward Finding Love in 2019

If you found yourself alone on New Year’s Eve reminiscing on the road that brought you to where you are, finding the right person to love might be a goal for you in the new year. However, most people who create resolutions for themselves disregard them within a month. Avoid this by setting specific goals and routines to help you stick with your resolutions. Here are some resolutions that will help you approach your quest for love with confidence – and ways to stick to them.

[1] Work Toward Self-Love

It’s true when they say that you cannot love someone until you love yourself. In today’s age, it’s very difficult to see yourself with a positive outlook, as we continuously compare ourselves to one another. Instead of wanting to look like someone else, acknowledge the positive qualities that you have. If you have a hard time with introspection, think of some things you’re good at and enjoy doing to boost your self-confidence.

Resolution: Once a day, write down something positive about yourself to read at the end of each month.

[2] Concentrate on your Health

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to set resolutions to prioritize your health. To be ready to step out in the dating world, you should be fully happy and healthy. Use this time of year to cater to the aspects of your health you want to improve. Whether it be weight gain, hair loss or anxiety, scheduling a doctor’s appointment to improve upon your insecurities will strengthen your confidence and willingness to introduce yourself to new people.

Resolution: Schedule a doctor’s appointment by February 1st.

[3] Step Out of your Comfort Zone

It’s so easy to get used to the comfort of the people we already know and decline opportunities from new people. Give unfamiliarity a chance. Say yes to a date you normally would decline. Be open to the possibility of a person surprising you with who they really are. Go on a date that you’ve never been on: attend a sporting event you know nothing about, take a class or go to karaoke. Be adventurous and don’t rule anyone or anything out.

Resolution: Try one new activity or place you haven’t been a month. Write about it.

[4] Listen More Than You Speak

In these new conversations you’re having with people you’ve just met, ask questions. On first dates, listen to others’ stories, backgrounds and ideas. Learning more about them may just give you the perspective you need to not rule anyone out. Asking questions can open your eyes to similarities you normally wouldn’t discover. Dig deep and get to know new people. Be open to questions about yourself and let others get to know the real you.

Resolution: Ask a question in every conversation you have with someone new and write down the answer.

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