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PART II  by  A. D. Summerlin

You’ve already been locked out of his cell phone, and he keeps calling you by sweet endearments so much that you suspect he doesn’t really know your name.  His mother has called you Marie and your name is Louise.  If you have not yet determined whether or not you are dating a player, here are more ways to make the determination:

1. FACEBOOK HAREM – He has more Facebook posts from women than men, and his guy friends are only in pictures that include him.   His Facebook wall consists of a bunch of women with captions that read, “Miss you,”  “Let’s do it again!” and “So much fun last Labor Day” and it’s September 15th.  These are signs of problems looming large on the horizon.

2. TOO MANY COMPLIMENTS – “You have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen.” “You’re gorgeous, and I don’t throw that term around lightly.” “I’ve never been able to open up with a woman the way I have with you.” If he says all of this within the first hours of your first date, then he probably wants one thing and it is not between your ears.

3. MASTER OF CONFUSION – He confuses you with other women. As indicated earlier, he calls you some else’s name or mentions the movie you did not see with him last Friday.  He cares so little about you that he cannot keep his mind organized around his philandering.

4. MR. FUTURE – A player uses the expression “we” and makes future plans constantly.  He knows that this is appealing to a woman who is looking for a permanent relationship.  He even goes so far as to talk about future kids and pets. “We can do this, and we can do that, and we can go here and there.” Everything is we, we, we. A player gives women the words he knows they want to hear, but feels no guilt when he takes it back.

5. FRIEND TO NONE, LOVER TO ALL – He doesn’t have platonic female friends. A player doesn’t need platonic women friends because he’s only interested in having sex with all of them. He sees every woman as a potential sex partner, and therefore behaves as if it is a waste of his time to cultivate them as friends.

If you determine that your man is a player, study his behavior and learn from it.  Know that if his tricks did not work so well, he would not keep repeating them.    He is like a fisherman going out there with bait.  He knows he will eventually catch someone with his techniques.  He may even be indignant or throw a fit if you call him on his tricks.

If you want to amuse yourself in a dangerous situation, stay with this guy.  Otherwise stop wasting your time and get out of the way of the train wreck that this man will make of any real relationship.

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