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Are You Ready To Date

When you begin to consider dating, ask yourself if you are prepared for it. Are you mentally and physically ready to meet new people and deal with the possibility that you might fall in love with someone that you date?

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Dating can be an adventure, so prepare yourself to go through a myriad of emotions from fear, to boredom, to the experience of ascending into infatuation and love. Dating is entering the social world and if you are not ready to jump in and join up, you are wasting your time and that of other people. To do the latter is unkind. For more information contact Elisabeth Dabbelt,

Few people on the dating scene have not been happily dating someone only to find that the man or woman dating them was not ready to date. This deception is discovered when the unready party begins to have feelings and suddenly announces that he/she still in love with an ex or a deceased spouse. However inadvertent, this rejection leaves the person who is genuinely nurturing a new relationship wondering why their partner was dating in the first place.

So when you start dating, please make sure that you are really and truly over a past relationship. For more information contact Elisabeth Dabbelt, CEO – Elite Introductions,& Matchmaking LLC.

Dating people to feel better about yourself will only hurt others and make you feel worse. Take care not to begin dating too soon after a breakup or loss in the hope that it will pick you up. You should let go of your ex before you start dating.

Studies show that one-third of all people who date are not really prepared for dating. Some people may be on the rebound from a previous relationship, they may be looking for an escape route, or panicking because of the new set of emotions induced by being single.

As you enter the world of dating, it is crucial that you do everything you can to feel confident and good about yourself, and even more important to be ready to handle some rejection. You will have to reject and be rejected during the dating process, and that may be very stressful.

Remember that on all occasions, dating should be fun.

You can tell if you are ready if you answer “yes” to many of the following questions:

  • Are you over your last relationship?
  • Are you ready not to compare new dates to your ex?
  • Are you ready to have a new relationship?
  • Is your life perspective right?
  • Are you looking your best?
  • Are your confidence levels reasonably high?
  • Are you ready to take a fresh approach to dating?
  • Are you emotionally ready for the excitement and stress of dating?
  • Are you prepared to be honest about your life goals?
  • Are you able to tell the truth about yourself?
  • Are you able to handle some rejection?
  • Are you of positive mental point of view?
  • Do you know your dating goals?
  • Are you prepared to wait to meet the right person?

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