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Mr. Toxic

Are you surprised if you’re feeling frustrated and confused because the charming man you’re involved with is suddenly treating you badly – ignoring you, or being “short” with you, or flirting with other women right in front of you – or you seem to be attracted to and attract these kind of men over and over again. This kind of man

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Learn How to Meet Single Professionals

Being single professionals can make it very difficult to have any kind of social life. Working and being a professional means that you have very little time for much else. However, you probably see other couples enjoying their time together and wish that you could do the same. If you are tired of staying home

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Love, Lies, and finding Mr. Right

Do you think there’s something wrong with you that makes it impossible to meet a good man and that you keep attracting wounded men because YOU are wounded? Do you feel like you keep MESSING things up with men and that they will always leave you…and then you become despondent when they actually do? Then

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Orlando Matchmaking: Does it Work?

All single women and men want to find their perfect match. In most cases, this is almost impossible to do without the help of a dating service. It is just not feasible to meet someone great in a bar or at special functions;   Others will turn to their friends for Orlando matchmaking, though this

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Orlando Single Professionals Have Challenges When Dating

Everyone has challenges when you start dating because it’s new and different. However, Orlando single professionals tend to have even more. Because of their professional lives, they have less time and more so important to make sure that no other challenges arise. The first thing to do is to be excited about your date. People

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