Should couples Share All or have some secrets

Secrets act as blocks to intimacy and very often, they do get out, thus undermining trust in the relationship. If you have an issue from your past , the best is for you to put it out there and deal with it in the context of your relationship rather than go for crisis control after.

Secrets are very personal, charged with emotions and feelings, usually not easy to share or it would be no secret. So the secret keeper will deliver the message with the negative charge that comes along with secrecy. Therefore, the listener may not “hear” the secret exactly.

By loving each other, respect, consideration, empathy, support, intimacy, all comes with the territory. The person feels comfortable talking about memories, emotions, feelings, trusting the relationship. Hence, things will come up naturally.

Who is Wrong and Who is Right?

When your partner says something you don’t agree with, you will need to hit your internal pause button and say this to yourself: “Just because my partner doesn’t agree with me, doesn’t mean my partner is wrong.”

Not everyone in the world shares the exact same ideas, views and opinions as everyone else – including your partner. Thinking differently than one another doesn’t make either of you wrong. It simply means you have different opinions, and so you need to modulate your response to reflect that.

Accept Your Partner as an Individual

Remember that you once found your partner’s ideas and opinions exciting: they weren’t exactly yours, and maybe they made for some stimulating conversation.

You fell for your partner for the individual that they are. Do you really want a carbon copy of yourself? If not, then remind yourself that you value your partner as the unique creation, the one-of-a-kind individual that he or she is.

 Remind Yourself How You Value Your Partner

You may get frustrated when you and your partner don’t agree, but don’t slam the door of your heart on them just because your views aren’t in 100% alignment. Remember that you value this person, and therefore their perspective on things. You may not always agree, but you’re both still valuable for what you bring to the relationship

Is Unconditional Love an unrealistic ideal or an achievable reality?

When a relationship is not about owning the other and when it is about giving and you relish the joy of giving, then unconditional love is possible and perhaps also practical.
When you enjoy the very act of giving, you don’t need to expect anything in return.

When you have expectations from the other in return to your love, it is the beginning of the conflict. Then you start wanting to control the other and no one enjoys being controlled.

Unconditional love is about giving freedom to your loved ones from your own wants and needs. Of course you are still responsible for your own wants and needs, but you don’t have to hold others responsible for them, especially those whom you love.

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are ones that are mutually respectful, loyal and loving, and do not abuse people emotionally, physically or mentally.

If you are still single and find yourself in a no-so-great relationship and recognize the symptoms, you need to hire a matchmaker to coach you in selecting your next relationship.