Do you ever ask yourself, “Why am I still single?”

This is the question I hear most often from clients every day.  If you’re like most spiritual people, you want to find a true soul mate – a best friend, a loving partner and companion on your journey of spiritual growth and self-development.

You want to find a deep and genuine connection, and you want to find it sooner rather than later. You don’t want just any relationship. You want to find “The One.”

Letting go of your fears so that you can bring love into your  life. For some singles have major internal blocks keeping them from opening their heart to love (due to major heartbreak and betrayal suffered years before), open up or you will stay  single and virtually dateless for years.

Is Unconditional Love an unrealistic ideal or an achievable reality?

When a relationship is not about owning the other and when it is about giving and you relish the joy of giving, then unconditional love is possible and perhaps also practical.
When you enjoy the very act of giving, you don’t need to expect anything in return.

When you have expectations from the other in return to your love, it is the beginning of the conflict. Then you start wanting to control the other and no one enjoys being controlled.

Unconditional love is about giving freedom to your loved ones from your own wants and needs. Of course you are still responsible for your own wants and needs, but you don’t have to hold others responsible for them, especially those whom you love.

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