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Cell Phone Etiquette While on a Date

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– by Elisabeth Dabbelt

Cell phones are a miracle of the modern age, but like many a miracle, they can sometimes be a mixed blessing. They are an asset when arranging a date, running late, or need to ask a key question about meeting locations; however they are a complete liability when you are trying to carry on a conversation with a companion who is in your presence. Unless you on call in your profession, expecting an emergency call, or have kids at home with a sitter, follow these guidelines for cell phone use while on a date or in any other social situation.

Step 1

When you are in most public places (public transportation, restaurant, workplace, etc) turn off your ringer, or place the phone on vibrate. Consider the fact that your phone conversation may disrupt the quality of other people’s lives. For example, it is inappropriate for you to disregard the effect that a shrill ring has on someone else’s dining experience at a restaurant.

Step 2

Keep conversation short and speak at a reasonable volume. Generally speaking, if people cannot remove themselves from listening to your conversation, spare them hearing your business. Tell the caller you’ll call back, then do so in a private setting.

Step 3

If you are on a date, with a friend, or visiting a relative, do not answer your phone. Focus your time and attention on your companion. Let voicemail take the call and return it later.

Step 4

If you do need to take a phone call, properly excuse yourself. This will allow you to give full attention to the caller without disrupting everyone around you. Step aside if you are in line at a store. Excuse yourself from the table if you are dining. You can take your call and still be courteous by stepping outside.

Step 5

Turn the cell off! There are times when it is inappropriate to have your cell phone on at all. Examples are: in a classroom, at a meeting of any kind, at the movies, at a ceremony (church, wedding or funeral), at public performance, or at your workplace. Again, if you must have it on, put it on vibrate.

Step 6

Hang up if you have bad reception or are having trouble hearing the person on the other end. Don’t try to talk louder; or pace around shouting into the phone. Call back later.

Step 7

No phone zone while driving! Follow Oprah’s lead and never text or dial while driving. Remember it is illegal in some states. If you must talk on the phone, pull over to the side of the road to take a call or tell the caller you’ll call back later. Be mindful of everyone else’s safety as well as your own.

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