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For Men: Dating Buzz Killers

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You have wanted to date this woman for a long time, and you are sharing your first evening together at a nice restaurant. You have that natural high that comes with good company, laughter and interesting conversation. You think you’re on a roll when you bring up your most recent travel adventure and include details of a shipboard affair. In an instant, the buzz fades into a flat vacuum of silence. Why? You just talked about one of the five top taboo dating subjects.

Here they are:

1. Past conquests – Thinking that a woman appreciates being told about all the other woman you’ve been with is a sign of virility is huge mistake – especially in this day and age of STD’s. If you’ve had sex with hundreds of woman, trust me, she will not be impressed in the least, and may not even hold hands with you when you leave the restaurant. Likewise, do not talk about your ex.

2. Money – Women think of a man who enjoys quiet prosperity as a guy with class. Talking about your financial affairs, salary, mortgage, your ostentatious lifestyle and exclusive neighborhood is very vulgar. Show her; don’t tell her about your wealth by “taking care” of the tab at a swank restaurant, or picking her up in an impressive automobile. Bragging about how much money you have will make you seem like a man who is compensating for something else.

3. Your ailments – If you launch into a festival of whining about his illnesses the moment a woman sits down at the table of the restaurant during your first dates, she is going to share the meal with you and figure out how to never see you again. The idea is to make a positive impression, not bore her with stories about your hernia operation five years ago. Ailments do not have to be hidden, just dealt with in a discrete and timely manner; otherwise you’ll come off as self-indulgent and incapable of interesting social conversation.

4. Your vices – Avoid talking about any of your unhealthy, degrading or immoral practices or habits such as chain smoking, binging on alcohol or food, and other sundried iniquities. Go positive and think of how you would introduce a dear friend to your date. If she is the gal you think she is, she’ll figure out your short-comings soon enough, but you must first get to a second date and impress her about your other special charms.

5. The future – Women are interested in knowing that a man is relationship minded, but beware that too much future talk too soon will make you seem needy and/or unbalanced. Do not come at her with baby names on the second date or she may run for the door. Reserve future talk for when you are in an established relationship.

Avoid these topics for your first few dates and everything should turn out in your favor.

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