A First Date can Last a Lifetime!!

Every first date is a crucial step along the path to a relationship. Still, they can be awkward, frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking, depending on how each person goes about the date. Learn how to have a perfect first date that includes few mishaps and a lot of laughs, fun and memories to last forever.

No matter how well you think you’ll get along, a first date can change everything. Why be stuck on an all-day wine tour with someone if you aren’t feeling the sparks? Try keeping your first date to no more than one or two hours. Then, if things are going really well, you can always extend the date longer, later.

What is a successful first date? It varies depending on the situation and the people involved, maybe you felt like two minutes had passed when it was more like two hours. Success could also be measured in whether or not a second date will take will take place.

What If Understanding Women In Relationships Was Easy?

Do you often think that understanding women in relationships is an unsolvable puzzle? Are you frustrated that it seems to be missing so many pieces?

And are there times when you struggle to guess what your partner really wants? Do you want far fewer arguments? Do you want more fun and more sex, more often?

You are not alone! Just look around you: the divorce rate is more than 50%. Most women are frustrated in their relationships, and their well-meaning men don’t have a clue on why this is happening. Something new is needed, don’t you think?

Quite frankly, understanding women in relationships can be an intimidating task. But consider this: if you don’t do something about it, you will follow the path mapped out by so many other unhappy couples.

There are many reasons why your relationship is less than what you’d like. But the main one is that you simply might not understand your partner.

Relax, it’s not your fault.

This information is not taught in school and few of us have had good role models while we grew up. Besides, the times we live in now are radically different than 40-50 years ago. What worked then doesn’t work any longer.

Understanding women in relationships comes from the awareness that now, women have more assertiveness, freedom and independence than any other time in history.
Not only have women a totally different perspective on relationships, they think differently and are much more sensitive than us.

As men, we tend to focus on one problem at a time. We are able to remain cool. We can separate ourselves from the problem and minimize its complexities, true?

Well, women can NOT do any of these. They usually take a broad perspective on things. For them, everything happens at once.
This makes them easily worried and even overwhelmed at times – and that’s when our support is invaluable.

Ultimately, understanding women in relationships comes to this: your partner might know that you love her, but if she doesn’t feel loved, she experiences hurt and abandonment. So she becomes distant, frustrated and unhappy.

And when she’s not happy, she stops shining and radiating that femininity that YOU love so much!

If your partner is worried or hurt, she becomes possessive, jealous, moody and argumentative. Eventually, she will stop opening up to you altogether.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, you will often pay for it in ways you may not even realize. As well-meaning as you are, you can’t understand why all this is happening!

Men, are not very intuitive, so understanding women in relationships doesn’t come naturally .


It’s only natural that you want both of you to enjoy a more passionate love life. But you know by now that it isn’t always that easy!

Will understanding women in relationships and giving your partner what she wants get you what YOU want?

The answer is “Yes!”

In fact, your woman will always radiate femininity and make you feel good in all possible ways if you will make her feel loved. But as perplexing as it may sound, most men simply don’t know how to make a woman feel loved.

So ultimately…

Understanding Women in Relationships Means…

…knowing what makes her receptive and feminine. It means finally understanding why YOUR confidence and sense of purpose turn her ON so much!

What makes your woman sweet, easily forgetting your shortcomings? What makes her totally open and wild?

Imagine being clear – at last – on what your partner truly wants and being able to give it to her… imagine her delight of being understood and feeling loved!

If you are like most men, you’ve already experienced the influence your woman can have on your happiness, haven’t you?
When she is angry, upset, or blames you.

And if you are currently single, you may not stay single for long!

Six Tips For Happy Love Relationships

Have you asked yourself what makes some men have so happy love relationships?

How did they and their woman solve the relationship puzzle to keep the spark of love alive after years together?

What are they doing that unhappy couples aren’t?

Believe it or not, happy love relationships don’t simply happen. They are envisioned, planned and continually nourished.

We have a different emotional blueprint than the women we love, so we need specific tips for maintaining happy love relationships with our partners. General tips, like spending quality time together, creating excitement and surprises or supporting and comforting each other are, obviously, for both genders. But what specific tips can you – as a man – use to make sure your partner feels the depth of your love?

Here are a few practical ones:

Happy Love Relationships – Tip #1

Practice emotional love – daily if you can: take her in “your world” and share your wants, hopes, and concerns with your partner – this will remind her that you trust her and will make her feel closer to you.

Win her heart by going in “her world” too: take time to see life from her perspective, validate her feelings and tell her you understand how and why she feels the way she does – she will feel understood, cared for, and loved.

Happy Love Relationships – Tip #2

Chivalry is not dead and uncommon courtesy goes a long way with your lady. Treat her like a woman even if you are buddies.


Because you raise above the rabble and practice the good manners of a true gentleman, she will feel respected, cherished and will reciprocate with respect and admiration.

This is what will make you happy too.

For example, walk on the outside of the sidewalk to protect her from the street’s traffic; hold open all doors for her and go around to open the car door waiting there until she is seated.

Help your partner put on her coat (even if it’s only a jacket), ask her if she needs anything, maintain eye contact as much as possible, and offer to unhook her necklace.

The difference between a gentleman and a boor is class. Show you have it.

Avoid pointing out her shortcomings, speaking loudly, shouting or interrupting her (unless there’s an emergency or other valid reason). Such rude behaviors raise her stress levels making her uncomfortable and less able to follow your logic.

Swearing or spitting? BIG no-no’s – or she’ll think you are a jerk.

Happy Love Relationships – Tip #3

When you fight (you will), fight with her weapons or else you’ll both lose. Understand that logic alone will not take you too far… When distressed, women lose the ability to reason effectively, they feel rather than think.

Wanting to be accurate or trying to prove you are right (even when you are) while the spirits are high, will only make her feel you are on the opposite side and she’ll continue to ‘attack’ you.

Instead, acknowledge her feelings, see the situation through her eyes and validate her point of view. Never, ever use the word “but” to transition to your own viewpoint in the same sentence. Linguists found that subconsciously, the word “but” simply negates ALL that has been said previously.

Make her feel you are on her side whenever she is upset so she can relax enough to be able to have a logical discussion. And keep the kids out of it, of course!

Happy Love Relationships – Tip #4

Make the effort to not take your relationship for granted. Appreciate even the small things that she does for you: packing your lunch, brushing your coat, researching something for you on the net, or calling in to see how’s your day – go easily unnoticed after being together for a while.

Say “Thank You” with a card or even with a sticky note left casually on her pillow, dashboard, bathroom mirror, or her keyboard. You’ll make her day!

Not only will she feel seen and that what she does counts for you, she’ll be motivated to keep those good things (and others) coming.

Happy Love Relationships – Tip #5

We all need to get and give hugs to stay healthy and happy.

Non-sexual touching and cuddling go a long way with your lady. Playing with her hair, holding her hand, a soft kiss on the cheek, caressing her legs in the car while waiting in traffic, a 20-second hug or a gentle back rub make a HUGE difference in how your partner feels around you.

What’s the secret?

Well, non-sexual touching releases, the hormone of bonding and of affectionate love, which makes women (more than men) to feel more safe, cared for and protected.

Non-sexual touching relaxes women a lot, reducing their level of stress, fear, and mental fatigue.

By contrast, the lack of constant non-sexual touching causes anxiety, resentment, and diminished intimacy; don’t let your relationship wither over something as simple as that!

Happy Love Relationships – Tip #6

Care for your Self: even if it’s only a half hour per day, enjoy time alone regularly to restore your essence, and enhance your masculine presence.

Consider this.

Your relationships are always having the same quality as your soul connections, they are the mirror of your soul. If your relationships lack depth and intensity, ask yourself why.

When you focus on your essence you are less likely to wallow, forget who you are and lose your SELF at the expense of a big paycheck, sophisticated toys, designer clothes, or a swanky car.

Yes, these things might be enticing, but are only shine – not the real thing.

Love lives inside of YOU! Nothing outside yourself can fill the empty space in your heart or make her love you more (unless she is not actually looking for love).

It is only YOU who can fill the empty spaces in your heart. Forgive yourself. Accept yourself. Comfort yourself. Be what you are seeking to find. Be whole on your own, and then share this wholeness with your partner.

Bottom line?

Take the time to understand women in relationship and keep your relationship in top shape. You certainly work at your career and at your hobbies, true? Well, you should know that happy love relationships take effort too.

Learn How to Make Relationships Work

Let’s face it: we, men, aren’t born knowing how to make relationships work. And more often than not, our families of origin haven’t been the best teachers either.

So why not try a different approach?

You want to learn about making relationships work, but don’t know where to start. And if you are like most men, you hate to ask for help. Not surprising, since our culture encourages the mistaken belief that we ought to be able to figure out things on our own

5 Things Women Need from a Relationship

What Women Really Want

Lend a helping hand: As much as men hate being nagged, women equally hate nagging. Lending a helpful hand without being asked is one of the easiest ways to keep a relationship on neutral ground. Offering to wash the dishes, make dinner, or fold the laundry is a gesture that won’t go unnoticed. In many cases if you offer to do something your girl will tell not to worry about it anyway, but she’ll be happy that you offered. It’s all those little things that really pay off. Show some respect: Women are always talking about wanting respect from the opposite sex, but unless you’re a women you can never really understand what this truly means. Women handle the bulk of the emotional labor in their relationships and yet they’re constantly faced with thoughtless and undignified comments, even when it’s unintentional. Women want to be respected for the work that they do, whether it be domestic or corporate. Women are master multi tasks  and they’re frustratingly stubborn, but they’re also more emotional than men and sometimes they need a little reassurance that they’re respected for all that they do.