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The 11 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs a Man

You ended a relationship months or even a year or two ago. You’re now ready to get back out there and join the dating pool. Before you do, though, here’s to knowing the difference between dating men and boys. This can save you a lot of heartache so you won’t make the same mistakes:

Possessive vs Protective

A boy is possessive. He just wants you to himself without any regard to what you want or need. A men is protective. He wants to protect you not because he doesn’t respect you or thinks you’re incapable. He simply just wants to make sure you’re safe because you mean the world to him.

Threatened vs Proud

When you accomplish something significant—whether you get promoted or win an award—a boy will feel threatened. A man, on the other hand, will have no problem proclaiming to all and sundry how proud he is of you and of what you’ve accomplished. You won’t need to downplay any of your achievements or success when you’re with him because he will inspire you to keep doing your best.

Selfish vs Considerate

A boy is selfish. He’ll think only of himself and his pleasure. A man, though, will go to any trouble just to make sure you enjoy yourself too. If you’re going on a trip and your date only seems concerned with his needs without taking yours into consideration, that’s a red flashing sign that you’re dating a boy and not a man. However, if your date thinks of you, consults you before making a decision and considers your wishes, then you know you’re dating a man.

Underestimate vs Challenge

A boy will always underestimate you and what you can do. He’ll always think you’ll never be good enough or never get to his level. A man, though, will challenge you instead because he knows you’re capable of so much more. And he’ll be there to support you to make sure you do.

Self-interest vs Genuine Interest

A boy is only interested in your life so long as he can get something out of it, says Thought Catalog. A man, though, will ask you questions because he’s genuinely interested in what your day has been like, what you do when you aren’t together and simply to talk and catch up with you.

Before you hire a matchmaker and start going on dates, keep these pointers in mind. That way, you’ll always end up picking the man over the boy. For dating assistance, contact Elite Introductions.

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