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The Challenges of Dating

Tips For A Fantastic First Date

A first date is a chance to make a lasting impression. Unfortunately, people are often nervous, anxious and feeling pressured to create just the right experience. Too often, this combination of stress and nervousness leads to dating mistakes that can limit the chance to make the first meeting positive and interesting.

When planning a date, there are 10 areas to focus on to ensure both you and your date have a wonderful experience. Being aware of these areas and how they will benefit the time you spend together will be instrumental in not only a successful first date but that all-important call to have a second date.

1. Stay Positive

People like to be around others who are positive and look for the bright side of any situation. Events, no matter how carefully planned, can sometimes have to change or may require some modifications. Taking these events in stride and staying positive makes the date a great experience, even if it is not exactly what you had planned.

2. Be Open But Not Overly Sharing

A first date is a time to get to know a bit about each other. It will be important to think about what you want to share that will provide your date with insight into who you are and what you enjoy.

At the same time, the first date is not a time to talk about every detail of your life or what you are looking for in an ideal partner. Too much information can be overwhelming and create anxiety for the other person about measuring up to your ideal partner image.

3. Honesty is Essential

It is very natural to want to present yourself in the best possible light on a first date. However, being honest and not embellishing or amplifying your accomplishments, career or other elements of your life will be critical to long-term relationship success.

People that are not honest come across as nervous, evasive or vague, which will cause your date to suspect the information they hear may not be true. Being honest, relaxed and comfortable with who you are, will be well received by a person interested in getting to know the real you.

4. Give Your Date Your Attention

Sharing information about yourself is always an important aspect of a first date, but it is equally as important to be interested in what your date is saying. Ask questions about what they are talking about and their interests, creating a balance in the conversation to show they are being listened to and you are interested.

5. Be Optimistic

No one likes to be around someone who is pessimistic or is complaining during a date. Staying optimistic about the potential for the relationship and not judging or creating barriers for the other person to get to know you, shows an openness and willingness to take the relationship another step forward.

6. Avoid Talking About Past Relationships

It can be easy to fall into the trap of telling stories about past negative dating issues and terrible relationships. Avoiding this temptation will keep the conversation focused on the potential for this relationship and not creating a negative experience for you both.

7. Choose A Place To Encourage Conversation

Talking to each other is the key to creating an interest that is more than just a physical attraction. Going out for a coffee, a drink, or dinner allows you to talk and to enjoy each other’s company. Places like the movies, while entertaining, cut off the conversation, which means you do not get to know each other.

8. Talk About What Inspires And Excites You

Talking about your passions, hobbies and what interests you is engaging and exciting. It is also a great way to find out if you have common interests. Just be sure to spend time discussing what is exciting and inspiring for your date as well, and avoid being judgmental or making critical, sarcastic or negative comments.

9. Wear The Right Clothes

Wearing the right clothes for the date means not dressing too formally, too sexy or too casual for the date. It also means choosing clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel great about the way you look. When people are comfortable and confident in their appearance, it is easier to be relaxed and natural.

10. Be Curious About Your Date

Finally, asking questions that are designed to allow your date to share information is essential. It will be important to avoid asking overly personal questions. It is essential to avoid your date feeling like they are being interrogated or that you are on a fact-finding mission.

Asking questions that follow the train of the conversation and invite your date to share more is a sign of your interest and attention. Keep the conversation and the questions light on the first date. Remember, there will be time to get to know more as the relationship develops.

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