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Tips for what to wear out on a date by Elisabeth Dabbelt

You meet someone new!  He’s asked you out and now you are asking  yourself  “What should I wear?”  You want to look sexy but not out of place — and that’s a fine line. To look sultry without looking cheap, follow these

Tips for what to wear out on a date.

Do wear…
A one-shoulder top

Many men think a bare neck and shoulders is even hotter than showing a  lot of leg. One-shoulder dresses and tops are always in style and offer  that subtle sexiness that men desire.

A great pair of heels
Women love high heels, and men do too. Just make sure that they aren’t  so high that you can’t walk comfortably in them.  Open-toe pumps with fresh pedicure feet’s and nails or  sandals are sultry and sexy.

Every woman should have one perfect little black cocktail dress. Look for  a dress that hugs your body shape without being too clingy or tight. A  dress that falls a few inches above the knee is perfect because it can be worn just about anywhere.

pumps or strappy evening sandals are sultry and sexy.
A sexy Hair Do and manicured Nails

Though long hair or curly hair are certainly sexy, nothing beats an up do for a special date. Select a slightly messy  style that says, “I look great without any efforts.”

Manicured hands and nails are as much important.
Don’t wear…A super short skirt

By Elisabeth Dabbelt Orlando Florida Professional Matchmaker