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What If Understanding Women In Relationships Was Easy?

Do you often think that understanding women in relationships is an unsolvable puzzle? Are you frustrated that it seems to be missing so many pieces?

And are there times when you struggle to guess what your partner really wants? Do you want far fewer arguments? Do you want more fun and more sex, more often?

You are not alone! Just look around you: the divorce rate is more than 50%. Most women are frustrated in their relationships, and their well-meaning men don’t have a clue on why this is happening. Something new is needed, don’t you think?

Quite frankly, understanding women in relationships can be an intimidating task. But consider this: if you don’t do something about it, you will follow the path mapped out by so many other unhappy couples.

There are many reasons why your relationship is less than what you’d like. But the main one is that you simply might not understand your partner.

Relax, it’s not your fault.

This information is not taught in school and few of us have had good role models while we grew up. Besides, the times we live in now are radically different than 40-50 years ago. What worked then doesn’t work any longer.

Understanding women in relationships comes from the awareness that now, women have more assertiveness, freedom and independence than any other time in history.
Not only have women a totally different perspective on relationships, they think differently and are much more sensitive than us.

As men, we tend to focus on one problem at a time. We are able to remain cool. We can separate ourselves from the problem and minimize its complexities, true?

Well, women can NOT do any of these. They usually take a broad perspective on things. For them, everything happens at once.
This makes them easily worried and even overwhelmed at times – and that’s when our support is invaluable.

Ultimately, understanding women in relationships comes to this: your partner might know that you love her, but if she doesn’t feel loved, she experiences hurt and abandonment. So she becomes distant, frustrated and unhappy.

And when she’s not happy, she stops shining and radiating that femininity that YOU love so much!

If your partner is worried or hurt, she becomes possessive, jealous, moody and argumentative. Eventually, she will stop opening up to you altogether.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, you will often pay for it in ways you may not even realize. As well-meaning as you are, you can’t understand why all this is happening!

Men, are not very intuitive, so understanding women in relationships doesn’t come naturally .


It’s only natural that you want both of you to enjoy a more passionate love life. But you know by now that it isn’t always that easy!

Will understanding women in relationships and giving your partner what she wants get you what YOU want?

The answer is “Yes!”

In fact, your woman will always radiate femininity and make you feel good in all possible ways if you will make her feel loved. But as perplexing as it may sound, most men simply don’t know how to make a woman feel loved.

So ultimately…

Understanding Women in Relationships Means…

…knowing what makes her receptive and feminine. It means finally understanding why YOUR confidence and sense of purpose turn her ON so much!

What makes your woman sweet, easily forgetting your shortcomings? What makes her totally open and wild?

Imagine being clear – at last – on what your partner truly wants and being able to give it to her… imagine her delight of being understood and feeling loved!

If you are like most men, you’ve already experienced the influence your woman can have on your happiness, haven’t you?
When she is angry, upset, or blames you.

And if you are currently single, you may not stay single for long!